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Dearest Sweetest Friends

When I was a young boy of about 10 [close to 25 short years ago] my holy mother had the foresight to enroll me in a computer course. However for little Ally Ehrman computers could not hold a candle to the Mets-Knicks-Rangers-Dolphins and Reb Jimmy Conners [the honorific title in recognition of his SMASHING two-fisted backhand]. My next serious interaction with computers was in 9th grade M.T.A. class. I received a 33 on my report card. This was no love affair...

For many years I resisted use of this foreign and [to me] scary machine. Even when I needed to make use of the computer I always found a way to avoid it.

Times change. I came to the realization that in order to spread Dvar Hashem I would have to make use of this machine. Thus I sit right now in front of my computer typing this message.

However I have learned that there are few contraptions [if any] more dangerous than a computer.

Many frum marriages have been broken up because one of the partners founnd a romantic interest on line. Many marriages. Very often with a member of a different faith!!! [For the Torah attitude on such liasions see Parshas Pinchas]. Think of the poor children. One frum woman threw her shaitel on her bed and ran away from her husband to live with a truck driver in Ohio.

Many many [!!!] frum Jews have become Mechallelei Shabbos Ochlei nevelos vetreifos living a lifestyle that even one of the metukanim of the Umos Haolam [loosely translated as "decent gentiles"] would find sleazy. Men women and children. Oy,how many children.

I am aware that Internet is not the only problem but it is certainly a central one.

And even if one stays "kosher" how much time is wasted on the computer. Every second encapsulates within it eternity!!!! And when squandered it is lost for eternity. Yet people forgo eternity in order to play solitaire!!!!

It is now the summer. You worked hard this year and deserve a break. Take one!!! Play ball travel swim etc. etc. Whatever you enjoy. But please have mercy on your Neshama and don't waste time!!!!! It is too precious. Life flies by. A cliche but a painfully true one. You won't regret it. I promise.

Also remember - it won't be easy. Your Yetzer Hara is going to work hard to destroy you. [He is a computer expert!!] And your job-

Love Elchanan Ehrman

P.S. If you have or are planning to have children (or if you are presently or once was a child) please go to www.torahweb.org and listen to a lecture given by Mr. Phillip Rosenthal. It was a real eye opener for me. Although I strongly disagree with his conclusions he has done the religious community a great service by publicizing the dangers that lurk on the Internet. A must listen for Goyim too!!!

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