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Chassidus Mussar And Machshava

Shiurim disappeared - many can be heard on yutorah.org.


Chassidus Mussar And Machshava
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Hevei Zanav L'arayot [hebrew]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Vayshev  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Vayishlach - Bi'tachbulos Ta'aseh Licha Milchama [hebrew]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Vayeshev 5767  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Parshas Vayera [hebrew]  
Tolna Rebbe: Cheshvan 5767  
Tolna Rebbe: Parshas Va'era 5767  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Sometimes I Come First [hebrew]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: How A Jew Eats [The shiur was a few minutes of Yiddish followed by a Hebrew translation, Yiddish then Hebrew again. So if you understand Hebrew, you will benefit from the shiur]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Keeping Calm [Hebrew]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Excuses [Hebrew]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita:פרשת וארא  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita:חשיבות המקום  
Tolna Rebe Shlita:זדים ביד עוסקי תורתיך  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita:גדולת מרים  
How To Deal With Weak Students [hebrew]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Having A Purpose [Shiur in english to Netiv Aryeh]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: לזכרו של האדמו"ר מליובאוויטש זצ"ל  
Tolna Rebbe:נשים וקבלת התורה- כולל התיחסות מעניינת ליום ירושלים  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: שמאל דוחה וימין מקרבת  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita:The Purpose Of Learning Torah [hebrew]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita:Mazal Tov - You're Alive!!! [hebrew]
Tolna Rebbe Shlita:Atzeres Hisorirus [hebrew]
Tolna Rebbe Shlita:Helping Our Children Ask [hebrew]
The Tolna Rebbe Comes To Netiv Aryeh!!!!!!!!:Topic of shiur- Don't Despair

R'Tzadok #1  
R' Tzadok #2  
R' Tzadok #3  
R' Tzadok #4  
R' Tzadok #5  
R' Tzadok #6  
Emunah U'vitachon Shiur #1: The Question  
Emunah U'vitachon Shiur #2: Unraveling The Mystery  
Emunah U'vitachon Shiur #3: Brain Growth  
Emunah U'vitachon #4: Attraction  
Emunah U'vitachon #5  
Emunah U'vitachon #6  
Emunah U'vitachon #7  
Emunah U'vitachon #8  
Emunah U'vitachon #9  
Emunah U'vitachon # 10  
Emunah U'vitachon #11  
Emunah U'vitachon #12  
Emunah U'vitachon # 13  
Emunah U'vitachon #14  
Emunah U'vitachon #15   
Choosing A Path In Life  
Emunah U'vitachon #16  
Emunah U'vitachon #17  
Green Eggs And Ham: Third Annual Shiur  
High Morale  
2, 3, 4, Ivdu Es Hashem B'Simcha   
2, 3, 4, Ivdu Es Hashem B'Simcha: Part 2  
2, 3, 4 Ivdu Es Hashem B'Simcha: Part 3  
Maintaining Our Kedusha  
Eulogy For Rav Podolsky of blessed memory  
Shalom Shalom!  
Sfiras Haómer: Waiving Us On  
Raw Desire/The Power Of Community [Sfas Emes]  
Greater Than Angels - Lower Than Animals  
Dying To Live  
Five Paths To Emunah  
Fear Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of  
Rav Kook: Loving The Tzoris [Ayn Ayah on Maseches Shabbos 13b]  
But I Speak Lashon Hara  
What Are We Doing When We Shuckle Back And Forth? [A new understading of prayer. Very fundamental]
The Velocity Of Prayer - The Metamorphosis Of Man
Societal Influences [I came on too strong in this shiur and greatly annoyed a few people. So if you think that I will annoy you as well - skip it and we can remain friends!]
Every Jew A Star
A Jewish Heart
What Is Chassidus
How To Have A Really Good Time!!!
Holiness Series 1:Pining For Kedusha
Holiness 2:The Role Of The Body
Holiness 3:Girls [Given to Sinai youth group from England]
Holiness 4:Roots And Branches
Sam I Am:Welcome Shana Aleph 5766-7 [A Fun Shiur!!!]
Hashem's Tefillin
What Is Chesed:4 Novel Examples
Don't Worry!!:How?
Are We Superior?
Rav Kook:Learning Compassion Through Prayer
Starting Young  
Rav Kook: Praising Hashem In Utero  
Rav Kook: Start The Day In A Holy Way  
Jews And Gentiles  

Green Eggs And Ham  
Kahanism [Shiur stars at the 9 minute mark]  
Chovas Hatalmidim 1  
Chovas Hatalmidim 2  
Chovas Hatalmidim 3  
Chovas Hatalmidim 4  
Chovas Hatalmidim 5  
Chovas Hatalmidim:Waking Up
Maharal 1 [All Maharal shiurim are lílui nishmas R' Nachum ben Ami ben Yehuda Aryeh Halevi]  
Maharal 2  
Maharal 4:Mitzvos For Cookies?
Maharal 5:Dybbuk [to torah scholars-not the ghost]
Maharal 6:Why We Do And Why We Don't
Maharal 7:Friends
Maharal 8
Maharal 9: kollel???
Maharal 10:Satisfaction
Maharal 11  
Maharal 12:Peacelover

Maharal 15: Silence Is Golden  
Maharal 16  
Maharal 17  
Television-A Light Unto The Nations [I find television very educational-whenever someone turns on the television I go into the next room and read a book - Groucho Marx]
Rav Kook:Despair Is Positive/Pain Is Great
Prayer of the Heart

Chazon Ish #5 is corrupt; can you fix it?

Can you put up The tolners iyun shiur on the daf yomi or the tolners chumash shiur

David, Corruption is terrible. I fixed it!

Dear Yossi - I will post more bz"h. Do you understand the Yiddish shiurim or the hebrew or both?

I understand both

do you have this years?

Dear Yossi
If you contact me personally I can tell you how to get cd's with loads of shiurim.

Rabbi, Maharal 3 is missing and Maharal 13 won't download

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