Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Connected to the Above: Part 2

It has been brought to my attention by a dear friend that in english we say "rappelling" and not snappelling as in modern hebrew. I stand corrected!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Connected to the Above

Today I was walking in the Holy Rova [everyday in davening we say that Hashem is "shochen birushalaim" He dwells in Jerusalem, hence the adjective "Holy"]. I noticed a group of children watching a youngster standing next to a tall building with a rope wrapped around him. I asked the children in my thick American-accented hebrew [over 20 years in Israel and the accent remains as American as ever] what is going on. "Snappelling" I was told. [That's how you say it in hebrew, too.] "Isn't it dangerous?" I asked. "No, he's connected by rope to the top of the building". "So" I observed, "when one is connected to what is above he doesn't have to worry about falling."

Or should I say "Above".

Monday, July 17, 2006

Please Daven

Please daven for Lipman Asher Ben Breindel who is starting another round of chemotherapy tomorrow.

Thank you.

Divine Revelation

As you are well aware Israel is presently involved in a war with beasts who masquarade as human beings. Yet in spite of all of the sad news we have been hearing I have come to be the bearer of good tidings. They say that a pessimist is an optimist with experience. But by nature I am thank G-d a very upbeat person and pessimism is anathama to my being.

And so here the tidings: G-d revealed himself to me and told me how we can be victorious in this war and then enjoy the calm and tranquility of peace in the Middle East!!!

No I have not fallen off my rocker. Frankly I don't even own a rocker. And I have not lost my marbles because I no longer play with marbles.

Now that I have convinced you of my sanity I would like to share with you the message. "So sadith the Lord - LEARN TORAH AND KEEP MY MITZVOS AND I GUARANTEE [!!!] YOU PEACE IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL IN ADDITION TO A BOOM IN THE ECONOMY [as opposed to a boom in your homes - my addition]."

Before you brand me a false prophet I will direct you to your very own Chumash. Read Parshas Bechukosi. That is what it says there. So G-d didn't only tell me - He told you too!!!

So for all the fine Jews who are glued to C.N.N. Shlita, remember, we are in the midst of a war and you are a soldier. Soldiers have little or no time to watch T.V. or engage in endless conversations about what's going on. He [or she!!!] must fight.

Chazal taught us thousands of years ago that at the end of days the descendents of Yishmael are going to cause us so much pain and agony that we will call out in pain to Hashem. Then He will redeem us.

"Ayle varechev viayle basusim vaanachnu bshem Hashem nazkir hayma keru vinafalu vaanachnu kamnu vanisodad".

Please help .... us.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Please Help Me-The Seventholosopopogy

Please do me a favor. Read the Rambam Hilchos Taaniyos. In those halachos the Rambam mandates fast days for both personal and communal tzoros [outside of the traditional fast days]. I see a lot of tzoros but I don't see very much fasting... [One notable exception is a good friend of mine who fasted recently for an unemployed friend.]
Why is this Rambam ignored?

Please help me.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Please Help Me-The Sixolopogy

Let's say that the disgraceful act of Zimri and Cozbi [is she related to Bill?] would have taken place on Shabbos would it have been pemitted to kill them. In other words, does the law of "kanaim pogim bo" override Shabbos [the issur would be ntilas neshama]?

Please help me.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Please Help Me:The Fifthontology

Bach [the Rabbi - not the composer] says in simman aleph that after one says the parsha of korban chatas in the morning he should add:" Ïf I am liable to bring a chatas it should be the will of Hashem that this [verbal recital] should be accepted as if I actually brought a korban chatas".
The problem is that in order to bring a chatas one must be certain that he is liable to bring one [shabbos 72]. So how can one say : if I am etc.??

Please help me.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Shiurim To Seminary Girls and Unsorted
New School Year 5767-8: Rosh Hashana: Keeping Your Cool  
Rosh Hashana: Good Looking  
Wakeup Call  
Succos: When Height Truly Matters  
Opposing Mates  
True Tzadikim Love Money  
The Challenge Of Having Company  
Chariots Of Fire  
Our Tefillos: The Same But Different  
Wow - Isn't That Special!  
Never Stop Growing  
Love Conquers All [An alleyways first - I leave the alleyways of the Old City to give a shiur at Midreshet Moriah!!]  
Pnimius [Shiur #1 - Given to a group of Holy future mothers of Israel from Be'er Miriam Seminary in the Old City]  
Chitzonious [Shiur #2]  
Criticism:A How To Guide [Shiur #3]  
Criticism Part 2 [Shiur #4]  
Staying With G-d In The Diaspora [#5]  
The Moral Implications Of Monotheism, Or - Why Does It Matter That Hashem Is One [#6]  
The Power Of Listening [#7]  
Discovering The Treasures Within You [#8]  
Magnificent Miriam [#9]  
Rosh Chodesh and The Greatness Of Women [#10] [By the way, at the end of the shiur I didn't mean to imply that men are all a bunch of egomaniacs - just that for men it is more of a challenge to be humble]   
Seeing Is Believing? [Shiur #11]  
Ups And Downs [shiur #12]  
Truth [#13]  
Purim: Learning From The Waves [#14]  
Purim: Learning Sensitivity [#15]  
Pernicious Influences [#16]  
Brotherly Love [#17]  
Bumps In The Road [#18]  
Flashes of Inspiration  
A Mothers Embrace [The return to Jerusalem]  
Repent Ye Righteous  
Finding Hashem on Wall Street/How To Be A Rebbe/When Not To Make A Decision:Two Letters For You  


Shiurim Can Be Heard on YUTORAH.ORG

Bechukosai: Missing Vavs
Noach: Speech
Noach:Fear And Love
Lech Lecha:We Are Family
Lech Lecha:Creating New Worlds
Lech Lecha:Listen My Daughter
Lech Lecha:Your Purpose
Lech Lecha:Burn It Up
Lech Lecha:Finding Your True Self
Vayera: The Power Of Will
Vayera: Loving Oneself Too Much
Vayera:Beloved Yishmael
Vayera:When Hashem Hides His Face
Vayera:Jewish Renewal
Chayei Sarah: Desire
Chayei Sarah: Wishing For What You Have
Chaye Sarah:Proud To Serve [Based on Sfas Emes]
Chaye Sarah:Self-Definition
Chaye Sarah:Time Is Life
Chaye Sarah:Kindness [Including a fascinating explanation as to why our Tefillos are sometimes not answered in the affirmative]
Chaye Sarah:T'chiyas Hamaisim
Toldos: Yaakov, Eisav, Deception And .... Self-Deception
Toldos: Hidden Motivations
Toldos:Tikkun Haolam [Based on the Sfas Emes]
Toldos:Loving Eisav
Toldos:Yaakov And Eisav - A Partnership?
Toldos:Finding Hashem In The Mundane [Including short hesped for Rav Valdenberg zatzal]
Vayetzei:Being A Jew Under All Circumstances
Vayetzei:Well Of Life
Vayetzei: Time Is Life
Vayishlach: When To Be Alone Is Simply Divine
Vayishlach: More Than Just Taryag Mitzvos
Vayishlach:The Singing Of Angels
A Lesson In Empathy
Vayeshev:To Refuuuuuse [Sfas Emes]
Vayeshev:United We Stand
Vayeshev:Always On His Lips
Vayeshev:The Foundation Of The World
Mikeitz: Telepathic Connections
Vayigash: Striving For Excellence
Vayigash: Making Your Home A Yeshiva And Making Yeshiva Your Home
Vayigash:Finding The Treasure Chest In Your Backyard
Vayigash:Personal Responsibility and Ego Nullification [Sfas Emes]
Vayigash:The Secret Of Success - Keeping Connected
The Foundation Of Our Lives
A Mathematical Anomaly As A Guide To Marriage: When Adding Is Subracting
Vayechi: Waiting With Anticipation
Vayechi:True Blessing
Vayechi:Opening A Closed Heart
Vayechi:Hope Is All
Vayechi:How To Remain Alive In Mitzraim
Shmos:Seeing Behind The Veil [Sfas Emes]
Shmos:We Might Burn Sometimes But Will Never Be Consumed
Shmos:Higher Than High
Vaera:University Of Egypt - Lessons Culled From Our Extended Stay
Vaera:Sfas Emes
Vaera:We Were Idolatrous - And We Believed In Hashem!!
Vaera:Free Will [I was much more giddy than normal in this one]
Bo: Believing In Yourself
Bo:Sfas Emes
Bo:Leaving Egypt Daily
Bo:Nesivos Shalom
Beshalach: To See At The Sea
Beshalach:Understanding The Song
B'shalach: A Warrior Or A Merciful Elder [Somehow we got really far off-track and ended up talking a lot about boxing and football - from a Torah perspective of course]
Yisro: What To Covet [the shiur continued for a few minutes after the singing]
Yisro: Betrothal To Hashem
Mishpatim: Holy People
Mishpatim: Giving Hashem Pleasure
Terumah: Tolna Rebbe Shlita [Yiddish]
Tolna Rebbe Shlita:Tetzave
Tetzave: Nesivos Shalom
Tetzave: Holy Garments
Tetzave: We Are Olives
Tolna Rebbe Shlita:Ki Tisa
Ki Tisa: Easy Come Easy Go
Ki Tisa: The Great Sin Of The Golden Calf
Vayikra: The Real You
Tzav: Right - Left
Metzora:A Blessing In Disguise
Acharei Mos: Self Identity
Kedoshim: Up There With G-d
Kedoshim: Be Holy
Emor: Kiddush Hashem
Behar:Never Lost
Behar: True Faith
Behar: Smoking Mountain
Behar: Trust Me
Bamidbar: Sfas Emes - You Can Count On It
Bamidbar: Flags
Naso:Holy Nazir-Noun or Adjective
Behaaloscha: Simcha On Shabbos
Behaaloscha: Bring Down The Holy Lights [Sfas Emes]
Behaaloscha:Critical Acclaim
Behaaloscha:When Life Gets Cloudy
Chukas:Delicious Offerings from the Kedushas Levi
Chukas:Talking Fish and Blessed Diversity
Balak:Rivers and Tents [What can we learn from the fact that water purifies? Also, why is a Beis Medrash called a tent? And what does one have to do with the other?]

Balak:Is G-d A Man [The answer might surprise you]
Pinchas: Peace
Pinchas:Out Of Bounds [The psychology of sin]
Pinchas:Bittersweet-The Story of The Three Weeks [based on this weeks haftora]
Pinchas:Holy Revenge
Mattos:Holy Sparks
Mattos:Gratitude/Human Dignity And Much, Much More
Mattos:Why We Lost Israel And How We Can Recover Her
Massei:Is Life A Journey Or A Destination?
Massei:The Holy Land? - An Investigation [with thanks to the Rosh Yeshiva of Ponovitch for his help!!]
Dvarim:3 Jews - 17 Opinions
Dvarim:Hashem Loves You
Dvarim:Walking With Hashem In The Valley Of Death
Dvarim:Mirror Image [Find out the secret of how Hashem runs the world. Very important shiur!!]
Vaeschanan:Rebbe-Talmid Relationship
Vaeschanan:Your Role [Please note:At the 5:30 minute mark I asked an inaccurate question. What I meant to ask is as follows:Moshe said that Hashem spoke "אלי" - to me [Moshe] and said "speak no more about this matter". But we know that Hashem was speaking to Moshe so why does he emphasize אלי . This question is correctly answered at the end of the shiur at the 25:30 minute mark.]
Akev:The Assimilation Process
Akev:Clinging to the Divine
Reéh:Eretz Cana'an
Shoftim:Holy Warriors
Ki Setzei:Compassion
Ki Savo:Getting Excited
Nitzavim: Curses As Blessings

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