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Halacha and Gemara


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Halacha and Gemara
Amira L'akum #1  
Pas Haba'a Bikisnin: Mezonos Rolls #1  
Pas Haba'a Bikisnin: Mezonos Rolls #2  
Honoring A Parent Who Is Sinful  
Why Don't We Duchen In Chutz L'aretz   
Haftara: Backround and Halachos  
The Soldier Who Wanted A Shabbos Meal  
100 Brachos/ Sinful Chazan  
Defining "Ones": Part 1  
Defining "Ones":The Sequel   
Hilchos Shechita #1  
Hilchos Shechita #2 : Shavya Anafshei Chaticha D'isurra  
Shechita #3: Shechitas Chullin As It Relates To Shechitas Kodshim  
Rebbe Yosi Meets Eliyahu Hanavi [Brachos 3]  
Safeik Brachos L'hakeil [Brachos 12]  
Birkos Krias Shema [Brachos Perek Rishon]  
Mikra Bikkurim and Vidui Ma'asros  

Birkos Hamitzva: Shiur #1   
Birkos Hamitzva: Shiur #2   
Birkos Hamitzva: Shiur #3   
Birkos Hamitzva Shiur #4  
חיוב נשים בתפילה  
Flattery In Halacha  
Foundations Of Talmudic Logic:Cause And Effect #1  
Saving ones life on ones friends bill [Bava Kamma 60]  
Why Listen To The Rabbis [A fascinating - and I believe radical - view of a present day Torah Giant quoted]  
Mrs. Shechter:נשים בשחיטה[Incidentally, during the shiur I wondered if 10 women constitute "pharhesia" with respect to the Din of Kiddush Hashem. And in fact R' Shlomo Eiger writes that some maintain that they do. Interesting.]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Bittul Torah For Krias HaMegillah [yiddish]  
Rebbe Shlita: Mishloach Manos [Yiddish]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Ksiva [Yiddish]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Pesachim 1 [Yiddish]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Pesachim 2 [Burning chametz and its relationship to nosar - yiddish]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Pesachim 3 [Birchas Ilanos on orlah tree - yiddish]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Pesachim 4 [Mayim Shelanu - yiddish]  
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Pesachim 5 [yiddish]  
Rebbe Shlita: Pesachim 33a [yiddish]  
Rebbe Shlita: Bnei Bseira [Yiddish]  
Guest Shiur By My Best Friend Yaakov Dov Slomnicki: Learning Vs. Earning   
The Laws Of Brachos:Medicines [and much more]  
בענין תליוהו וזבין  
Soup Du Jour  
בענין אין סומכין על הנס  
Hastening Death When It Is Imminent :Part 1  
Hastening Death Part 2 [Includes discussions of heart-rending questions that arose during the Holocaust and 9/11]  
Was That A Snake That Climbed Into The Milk - ביטול בששים בדברים האסורים משום סכנה [At the 34:00 mark I should have said "that is the opinion of the TAZ"]  
Prolonging Life When It Means Continued Suffering:A Question We Should Never Have To Face  
Hey It's Dangerous Out There!! - When Parnassa Is Scary  
How A Jew Ends A Meal  
I Bentched-Or Did I?:When Doubt Meets Dinner  
לימוד בכולל:שיטת הרמב"ם  
תפילה נוכח המקדש  
בענין וידוי מעשרות ומקרא ביכורים  
מזוזה בעיר נידחת:תירוץ נפלא על קושיית רבי עקיבא איגר זצ"ל  
תפילת נדבה:הרב סולובייצק  
Mayim Acharonim:Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask  
בענין אמירת קרבנות  
Shnaim Mikra VÉchad Targum:Who, When, Where, Why and How   
Machshava B'kodshim V'Truma [At the 35:50 minute mark I should have said that regarding kodshim the Torah ALSO mandates dibbur (in addition to machshava) therefore the kodshim is "chal" only when he verbalises what he intended to verbalise. I would like to add that according to the approach offered in the shiur, the Steipler's מהלך works well with both Kodshim and Teruma whereas the Turei Even's מהלך can only fit in only with Kodshim ודו"ק]   
The Mitzva Of Guarding The Beis Hamikdash  
Music In Halacha  
The Halachic Paramaters Of V'ahavta L'rayacha Kamocha [A must listen for anyone who has lives on the Planet Earth]   
Shev Shmatsa 3/1: When The Mikva Became Dehydrated  
Shav Shmatsa 3/1 Part 2  
Shev Shmatsa 3/2: Dehydrated Mikva - The Resolution  
Shmatsa 3/3: The Shochet Who Forgot  
Shmatsa 3/4 Part 1: The Shochet Who Went Off The Derech  
Shamtsa 3/4 Part 2  
Shamatsa 3/5: That Was Then - This Is Now  
Shmatsa 3/5: Part 2  
Shmatsa 3/6: When Did The Chicken Break It's Leg?  
Shmatsa 3/6: Part 2  
Shmatsa 3/7: Soaking It Up  
Shmatsa 3/8: When Did He Die?  
Shmatsa 3/8: Part 2  
Shmatsa 3/9  
Shmatsa 3/9 Part 2  
Shmatsa 3/9 Part 3  
Shmatsa 3/11 Part 1  
Shmatsa 3/11 Part 2  
Shmatsa 6/8 Part 1  
Shmatsa 6/8 Part 2  
Shmatsa 6/9 Part 1 [At the start of the shiur I said that we are learning Shmatsa "Yud" - I should have said Shmatsa "Tes"]  
Shmatsa 6/9 Part 2  
Shev Shmatsa 6/12: Neemanus Haáv Bikiddushei Beto  
Shev Shmatsa 6/13: Masi omrim kavan shehigid shuv aino chozer umaggid  
שב שמעעתא ו,ט"ו האם עד אחד נאמן לפסול אשה לכהונה  
Shev Shmatsa 6/16:Chezkas Kashrus L'kehuna  
Wine Touched By A Mechallel Shabbos:To Drink or Not To Drink  
Bigeder Mitzvas Talmud Torah V'issur dvarim Btailim  
Putting Your Money Where Your Mitzvos Are  
Praying For The Mashiach:A Halachic Analysis [Rashi says that we should not beseech G-d excessively (yoser medai) for the coming of Moshiach. In this shiur we will discuss the practical ramifications of Rashis statement.]  
Kol Isha:This one may shock you. The shiur is intended only for those holy yirei shomayim who are fully committed to Halacha [Note:A number of times during the shiur I said "If his intention is to derive benefit". I meant "... to derive pleasure from the sound of her voice".]   
Pondering Divinity In The Lavaratory  
Pinch-Hitting Cohen [Yoma 2a]  
Can A Israelite Lite? [Yoma 24]  
Victuals Prior To Prayer [or eating before davening]   
Korpses and Kohanim  
I Scream You Scream We All Scream For Ice Cream-On Shabbos?  
Open All Bottles And Packages BEFORE Shabbos-But I Didn't...  
Mount Sinai:More Than Just A Hospital [Shavuos Shiur]  
Binyan Bkalim  
A Gentiles Birthday and its Halachic Implications/More On Binyan  
Newspapers and Lashon Hara  
Feeding The Unobservant  
Tzovea:Food Coloring  
The Steipler Zatzal Examines Tzovea  
Stumbling Blocks and the Optically Challenged  

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