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Please Help Me

The Rambam in Hilchos Teshuva at the beginning of perek chamishi writes that any person has the capacity to use his free choice be a Tzaddik like Moshe or a Rasha like .... Yeravam!!!
Could the Holy Rambam think of no greater Rasha than Yeravam???
Please help me.

Shalom rav, this is Yaacov Yaacov. I'm sure there are much bigger rishaim then yiravam ben nevat but we learn in Perkei Avoth about people who bring the community to do mitzvoth or to do sin. in that mishna we find that the two examples given are again Moshe and Yeravam, I'm sure theres a connection. maybe getting the public to sin is whats being considered by rambam. still maybe there should be a reason why yeravam is used in the mishna as well but im sure if we know why he's the one in the mishna then we'll know why he's in the rambam too.

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