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Chagim, Moadim and Fasts
Hilchos Tshuva: Perek 1 Halacha 1: Defining Vidui
Perek 1/1 Part 1
Perek 1/1 Part 2
Perek 1/1
Perek 1/1: Teshuva on Ones
Perek 1/1
Perek 1/1
Perek 1/2
Perek 1/3
Perek 1/4
Perek 1/4
Perek 1/4
Perek 2/1
Perek 2/2
Perek 2/2
Rambam Hilchos Tshuva: Perek 7 Halacha 3
Rambam Hilchos Tshuvah : Sefer Hamitzvos/ Perek 1 Halacha 1
Rambam Hilchos Tshuva: Perek 2 Halacha 7
Elul Mussar Chaburah:Hischadshus
Elul Mussar Chaburah:Making Your Days Count
Elul Mussar Chaburah:Holy Places-Holy Moments
Elul Mussar Chaburah:Those Were The Days
Elul Mussar Chaburah:Don't Daven For So Long
Mussar Chaburah:Going Down
Mussar Chaburah:Power
Mussar Chaburah:Torah And Eternity
Happy Elul
The Deaf Ba'al Tokea
Rosh Hashanah: בענין המלך הקדוש בליל ראש השנה
Rosh Hashanah: המלך הקדוש בעשרת ימי תשובה
Rosh Hashanah:Yom Matan Torah
Rosh Hashanah:Understanding Our Tefillos Part 1
Understanding Our Tefillos Part 2
Rosh Hashanah: How to Attain a Favorable Judgement
Yom Kippur: Plan
Yom Kippur: Yom Kippur That Falls Out On Shabbos
Yom Kippur:Youthful Vigor
בגדר עינוי ביום הכיפורים
Yom Kippur:Time To Find A Shidduch?
Yom Kippur - 13 is 1:A Mathematical Anamoly
שמחת יום טוב -גדרו ויסודו
Shabbos And Yom-Tov:Converging And Diverging Paths
Succos: Overruling The Torah
Succos: Stolen Succahs
Succos: Atzei Succah Asurin
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: Chanuka [hebrew]
Tolna Rebbe Shlita Chanuka: Sharing Is Caring [hebrew and yiddish]
Chanukah: Seeing The Light
R' Kook On Chanukah: When Things Go Too Far
Chanukah: Bracha On Hiddur Mitzva
Chanukah Gems 1
Chanukah Gems 2
Chanukah Gems 3
Chanukah Gems 4
Chanuka:בענין ובאו בה פריצים וחללוה
Chanuka:בענין חובת הסעודה בחנוכה
Chanukah :חצרות קדשך
Chanukah:המשמעות ההלכתית של החזרת מלכות לישראל
Chanukah:Greek Wisdom
Chanukah:בגדר ברכת הרואה
Purim: Amalek - A Laughing Matter?
Purim: בענין זכירת עמלק
Purim:בגדר קריאת הלילה
Purim:מהלך נוסף בגדר קריאת הלילה
Purim: Jewish Pride
Purim: The Story Behind The Story
Understanding Amalek
Purim:Sending Mishloach Manos To A Woman And Other Assorted Questions. IMPORTANT CORRECTION: To err is human, to forgive Divine. I am human - I hope you can be Divine. According to the Mishna Brura if one speaks during the last three brachos of Shmoneh Esrei they go back to ritzei [not to the beginning as I erroneously said].
Purim:נשים בקריאת מגילה
Purim: Mishloach Monkey
Purim: Learning Sensitivity
Purim Gems 1
Purim: Learning From The Waves
Purim: Value System
Purim:Having It All
Pesach: Tolna Rebbe - בענין אכילה כדי אכילת פרס - השיעור נמסר בעברית ותורגם לאידיש
Pesach: Turning Bitter Into Sweet
Pesach: Maos Chitim
Pesach: When You Are Not Sure - A study of Rabbinic Doubt
Pesach: V'Higadita L'Bitcha?
Pesach: בגדר הסיבה במצה
Pesach:Hagadah Gems 1
Pesach: Hagadah Gems 2
Pesach: A Time To Be Together
Pesach: Pesach and Tisha Báv - A Thematic and Calenderial Connection
Pesach: Simchas Yom Tov
Sefiras Haomer: Counting The Omer And The Shemittah
Sukkos-Do Not Let Go Of Your Esrog!!![pt. 1]

Part 2:With Special Guest HaGaon HaRav Dovid Ehrman Shlita
Tolna Rebbe Shlita: בענין אכילה תוך כדי אכילת פרס - השיעור נמסר בעברית ובאידיש
Shavuous: Standing Tall
Shavuos: Getting Ready For The Big Day
Shavuos:The Forgotten Part of Kabbalas Hatorah
Three Weeks: The Jewish Plot To Take Over The World
Three Weeks: A Strange Equation
Three Weeks: The Basis Of Baseless Hatred
Shiva Assar Bitammuz:What Happened And How We Can Correct It
Halachos of The Fast And The Three Weeks Part 1
Laws Of The Nine Days Part 2
Tosephes Tisha b'av and Tosephes Shabbos
Tisha Báv and Pesach:A Thematic and Calenderial Connection [very deep and very awesome]
Tisha Báv:Understanding The Loss [Chug with the "Sinai" youth group of England, with some stirring nigunim at the end]
Happy Tisha Báv!! [Finding consolation in our time of mourning. With digressions to topics such as:communism, feminism, civil rights, anti-semitism, the holocaust, the modern state of Israel-good or bad, story of how I became a citizen-and much much more. The shiur is long but worth it!!!
Assorted Laws of The 9 Days And Tisha Báv
Tisha Báv:Peace In The Middle East
B'geder tzom tisha báv v'taanis tzibbur:Shiur From Rav Soloveitchik
God Weeps
Tisha Báv:Ourselves As Batei Mikdash
From Galus To Geula [Includes strategies which will enable you to defeat your arch-enemy]

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