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Please Help Me:The Quadrology

Chazal instruct us in the gemara to love your wife as much as you love yourself [ohava kigufo]. But the Torah already taught us "vahavta l'raiacha kamocha". So how is your wife different than any other jew. In other words what did chazal add that was not already written in the Torah?

Please help me.

It's interesting to note the somewhat limited scope of the "v'ahavta" imperative as delineated by the Gemara (see, inter alia, Kiddushin 41a, K'subos 37b). We wouldn't think of "b'ror lo misah yafah" and needing to see your wife before marrying her as the most ambitious forms of "v'ahavta". So I think it would be important to first find out what the implications of "v'ahavta" are in the eyes of Chazal (should that be possible), i.e., how this broad-scoped and ambitious imperaitve translates into halachos, and then measure that with what it says in other situations.

Dearest Rav Will
You inspired me to post a shiur on the topic [in the Halacha section].
Tizke Lmitzvos!!!!!

Harav Ehrman -

This is Mordechai Yehoshua (doni) Joszef - - do you have an e-mail adress? I wanted to send you an article that I recently wrote - -

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I've listened to some of the shmoozen - great to hear you.

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Shalom Rebbe, it's Mr. Prupis here.

Perhaps once a man is "koneh" his wife she no longer is included in the category of "raiacha". Perhaps one would feel a sense of entitlement to treat her according to his whim. I own her, he'll say. I believe we see abuse of this nature in many cultures. Therefore chazal warned us to love our wifes as much as we love ourselves.

I heard something similar to this in a slightyly different context from Rav Darmoni.

Kol tuv and thank you for the shiurim from the Chazon Ish's sefer!

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