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"... Pride Parade". This upcoming event has been quite prominent in the news recently. I am angered that this group wishes to desecrate the sanctity of Yerushalayim. I am saddened for these people who will never have the sublime pleasure of raising and loving their own children. [I am also not clear why they feel the need to publicly march in order to display their pride (in what?). Did any married people ever consider conducting a "Straight Pride Parade"....].
However I would like to view this from a different angle. Many cry foul because the behavior in which they engage is termed an "abomination" by the Torah [Vayikra 18/22]. True. But I would like to mention a few other abominations that we must condemn.

If turns his ears away from hearing Torah [Rabbi's drasha on shabbos or between mincha and maariv]- his prayer is also an abomination. [Mishlei 28/9]

A scoffer [people who belittle and ridicule Torah study, Torah Scholars, Reward and Punishment, those more religious than themselves etc. etc. -have you ever met such a person?] is abominable. [Mishlei 24/9]

Dishonesty [Includes cheating on tests, on taxes, in advertising etc. etc.] !!!![Tehillim 119/163]

Following the ways of the surrounding culture is called abominable in many places in the Torah!! Every generation and its societal aberrations. I would give examples of our unfortunate mimicing of Western culture but since the examples abound and you are intelligent I will let you discover them yourself.

O.K. two examples.1- Everybody kissing the Kallah after the chuppah. [I am aware that Goyim don't have chuppahs]. Goodness gracious! She just became holy and special ["mikudeshes"] to her husband. Hands off!!!

2-Our idolization of professional athletes, actors and other entertainers. Very few of them are fitting role models-to say the least. Yet all to often they are our heroes. Once on a friday night at the Kotel Hamaaravi a retired N.B.A superstar entered the Kotel plaza. For many, davening abruptly stopped. To speak to him. Look at him. He was the talk of the evening. Shabbos!! The Holy Kotel!!!

The Mussar sefarim consistently term abominable negative middos such as anger and arrogance.

And the list goes on and on. [See Conkordantzia for more sources]

Baruch Hashem we are not gulty of involvement in the abominable behaviour that some tortured souls are going to be marching for in Ir Hakodesh. Indeed. But what about other abominable behaviors???

I hope that we have steered clear of those as well.

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