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Bechukosai: Missing Vavs
Noach: Speech
Noach:Fear And Love
Lech Lecha:We Are Family
Lech Lecha:Creating New Worlds
Lech Lecha:Listen My Daughter
Lech Lecha:Your Purpose
Lech Lecha:Burn It Up
Lech Lecha:Finding Your True Self
Vayera: The Power Of Will
Vayera: Loving Oneself Too Much
Vayera:Beloved Yishmael
Vayera:When Hashem Hides His Face
Vayera:Jewish Renewal
Chayei Sarah: Desire
Chayei Sarah: Wishing For What You Have
Chaye Sarah:Proud To Serve [Based on Sfas Emes]
Chaye Sarah:Self-Definition
Chaye Sarah:Time Is Life
Chaye Sarah:Kindness [Including a fascinating explanation as to why our Tefillos are sometimes not answered in the affirmative]
Chaye Sarah:T'chiyas Hamaisim
Toldos: Yaakov, Eisav, Deception And .... Self-Deception
Toldos: Hidden Motivations
Toldos:Tikkun Haolam [Based on the Sfas Emes]
Toldos:Loving Eisav
Toldos:Yaakov And Eisav - A Partnership?
Toldos:Finding Hashem In The Mundane [Including short hesped for Rav Valdenberg zatzal]
Vayetzei:Being A Jew Under All Circumstances
Vayetzei:Well Of Life
Vayetzei: Time Is Life
Vayishlach: When To Be Alone Is Simply Divine
Vayishlach: More Than Just Taryag Mitzvos
Vayishlach:The Singing Of Angels
A Lesson In Empathy
Vayeshev:To Refuuuuuse [Sfas Emes]
Vayeshev:United We Stand
Vayeshev:Always On His Lips
Vayeshev:The Foundation Of The World
Mikeitz: Telepathic Connections
Vayigash: Striving For Excellence
Vayigash: Making Your Home A Yeshiva And Making Yeshiva Your Home
Vayigash:Finding The Treasure Chest In Your Backyard
Vayigash:Personal Responsibility and Ego Nullification [Sfas Emes]
Vayigash:The Secret Of Success - Keeping Connected
The Foundation Of Our Lives
A Mathematical Anomaly As A Guide To Marriage: When Adding Is Subracting
Vayechi: Waiting With Anticipation
Vayechi:True Blessing
Vayechi:Opening A Closed Heart
Vayechi:Hope Is All
Vayechi:How To Remain Alive In Mitzraim
Shmos:Seeing Behind The Veil [Sfas Emes]
Shmos:We Might Burn Sometimes But Will Never Be Consumed
Shmos:Higher Than High
Vaera:University Of Egypt - Lessons Culled From Our Extended Stay
Vaera:Sfas Emes
Vaera:We Were Idolatrous - And We Believed In Hashem!!
Vaera:Free Will [I was much more giddy than normal in this one]
Bo: Believing In Yourself
Bo:Sfas Emes
Bo:Leaving Egypt Daily
Bo:Nesivos Shalom
Beshalach: To See At The Sea
Beshalach:Understanding The Song
B'shalach: A Warrior Or A Merciful Elder [Somehow we got really far off-track and ended up talking a lot about boxing and football - from a Torah perspective of course]
Yisro: What To Covet [the shiur continued for a few minutes after the singing]
Yisro: Betrothal To Hashem
Mishpatim: Holy People
Mishpatim: Giving Hashem Pleasure
Terumah: Tolna Rebbe Shlita [Yiddish]
Tolna Rebbe Shlita:Tetzave
Tetzave: Nesivos Shalom
Tetzave: Holy Garments
Tetzave: We Are Olives
Tolna Rebbe Shlita:Ki Tisa
Ki Tisa: Easy Come Easy Go
Ki Tisa: The Great Sin Of The Golden Calf
Vayikra: The Real You
Tzav: Right - Left
Metzora:A Blessing In Disguise
Acharei Mos: Self Identity
Kedoshim: Up There With G-d
Kedoshim: Be Holy
Emor: Kiddush Hashem
Behar:Never Lost
Behar: True Faith
Behar: Smoking Mountain
Behar: Trust Me
Bamidbar: Sfas Emes - You Can Count On It
Bamidbar: Flags
Naso:Holy Nazir-Noun or Adjective
Behaaloscha: Simcha On Shabbos
Behaaloscha: Bring Down The Holy Lights [Sfas Emes]
Behaaloscha:Critical Acclaim
Behaaloscha:When Life Gets Cloudy
Chukas:Delicious Offerings from the Kedushas Levi
Chukas:Talking Fish and Blessed Diversity
Balak:Rivers and Tents [What can we learn from the fact that water purifies? Also, why is a Beis Medrash called a tent? And what does one have to do with the other?]

Balak:Is G-d A Man [The answer might surprise you]
Pinchas: Peace
Pinchas:Out Of Bounds [The psychology of sin]
Pinchas:Bittersweet-The Story of The Three Weeks [based on this weeks haftora]
Pinchas:Holy Revenge
Mattos:Holy Sparks
Mattos:Gratitude/Human Dignity And Much, Much More
Mattos:Why We Lost Israel And How We Can Recover Her
Massei:Is Life A Journey Or A Destination?
Massei:The Holy Land? - An Investigation [with thanks to the Rosh Yeshiva of Ponovitch for his help!!]
Dvarim:3 Jews - 17 Opinions
Dvarim:Hashem Loves You
Dvarim:Walking With Hashem In The Valley Of Death
Dvarim:Mirror Image [Find out the secret of how Hashem runs the world. Very important shiur!!]
Vaeschanan:Rebbe-Talmid Relationship
Vaeschanan:Your Role [Please note:At the 5:30 minute mark I asked an inaccurate question. What I meant to ask is as follows:Moshe said that Hashem spoke "אלי" - to me [Moshe] and said "speak no more about this matter". But we know that Hashem was speaking to Moshe so why does he emphasize אלי . This question is correctly answered at the end of the shiur at the 25:30 minute mark.]
Akev:The Assimilation Process
Akev:Clinging to the Divine
Reéh:Eretz Cana'an
Shoftim:Holy Warriors
Ki Setzei:Compassion
Ki Savo:Getting Excited
Nitzavim: Curses As Blessings

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