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Women and Marriage

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Also heartfelt thanks to my "Computer Rabbeim" and beloved friends R' Noam Kaplan and Mordechai Lerner without whom "Alleyways" would be a [I hope pleasant] dream!!! They have been unfailingly patient.
I would also like to thank all of my dear friends for your input!!! Keep it coming. Criticism welcome!!!
Women and Marriage
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Maharal 11:Peace [The Holy Books teach us that naturally speaking a relationship between Man and Women is doomed to failure.(Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings...) Therefore we must work especially hard and pray for Divine grace to ensure that our marriages are successful. This shiur does not deal directly with the Husband-Wife relationship but discusses the mystical signifigance of peace between people which finds its greatest expression in the Husband-Wife relationship. Hopefully listening to this shiur will inspire you to redouble your efforts to create a peaceful and harmonious relationship.   
Yom Kippur Dance Under Orthodox Auspicies??!!!  

Rav Alley,
just signed up on blogger so I can post on your site. Your rendition of "yedid nefesh" during the vort on chukas this past week inspired me to sing it to my mom and bubbe this past shabbos durin shalosh seudas. Needles to say they were exceedinly moved!
Now that i'm working dont have so much time for iyun in Bava Kama-whats pshat that shein cause baal to incur nezek shalem, whereas keren which isn't "darchan lehazik" doesnt cause nezek shalem? As you would say: Help me!!!!!!

Forget to mention, the question stems from the fact that shein is said to be "aiyno matzui"

Shalom Kal,
Since I doubt you've gotten that far since I last saw you, don't despair - as you move on you'll see that payment of only hatzi nezek (by keren) is subject to mahlokes. Additionally, the mahlokes about hatzi nezek mammona or hatzi nezek k'nasa might shed light on your q.
Just thought I might alleviate your upset humour in the interim, i.e., until our beloved Rav Ally stays up until 3am and posts again.

I guess this should be in the miscellaneous section, but since you do not have one... here it is.

Any good explanations as to why the tumah on the buirth of a baby girl is twice that of a beby boy?

The tumah is due to the loss of life. A female is more "lifey" than a male. She can give birth. More life was lost - more tumah.

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