Monday, October 30, 2006

Please Help Me:#25

We all know the opinion in the Gemara that Bari [one claimant is certain] against Shema [the other claimant is uncertain] Bari adif [the one who is certain wins].

If that is so why does one who claims a lost object need to give simanim. He is Bari [he claims that he is sure that the object is his] while the finder is only Shema [he doesn't know to whom it belongs]. Yet the Gemara requires him to give simanim. Being Bari should suffice.

Please help me.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Mazel tov to my chavrusa and beloved friend Aharon Yehoshua ben Michal Basya [Freedman] on his engagement to Chaya Pesil!!!!!!

They will im yirtzeh Hashem be getting married as well!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Please Help Me:I Have A Holy Jewish Mother [#24]

I was born a Jew. Every day I thank God "shelo asani goy". What is strange is that if yesterday I thanked God for not making me a goy, why do I have to thank Him today. It is nigh impossible to be a goy today if I was a Jew yesterday. It should suffice to thank Hashem one time "shelo asani goy" and that should cover the rest of ones life.

Please help me.

Freedom Of Speech

Rav Shalom Schwadron was once staying as a guest with a family. One time nature called so R' Shalom asked one of the children "Where is the room without a mezuza?".

The gemara [Pesachim 3] learns from the fact that the torah refrains in Parshas Noach from saying the word "tamei" and instead says "that is not tahor" that one should always speak in a refined manner.The gemara tells a story to illustrate the point. R' Shalom provided us with a contemporary application.

The definition of man according to Unkelos is a "talking spirit". A persons speech is a reflection of his soul.

Food for thought in todays world where vulgar speech is the norm.


Mazel Tov to my beloved friend and chavrusa R' Ezra Chanan ben Bryna [Malitzky] on his engagement!!!!!

Mazel Tov to me [Elchanan ben Henna Miriam] on my birthday this Shabbos!!

It says in the Yerushalmi that on ones birthday he is endowed with special spiritual powers. I use those powers to bless you all with bracha and hatzlacha in Gashmius and Ruchnius. I also pledge [bli neder] to try to help anyone achieve that hatzlacha in any way I can. Just ask.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Please Help Me:Jordan [23]

The Shaagas Aryeh [siman 37] says that if one is involved in performing a safek mitzva he is not patur from any other mitzva even though normally "osek bmitzva patur min hamitzva".

This is difficult because according to the Rashba Safek Dioraisa Lchumra is a din Dioraisa so it emerges that when one fulfills a safek mitzva he is obligated to do so min hatorah. So why is he not patur from other mitzvos as he is indeed osek bmitzva. And even according to the Rambam that safek dioraisa lchumra is midrabanan let him AT LEAST be patur from mitzvos mdrabanan.

Please help me.

Please Help Me:Nagilah V'nismicha "Bach" [Gematria]

After Adam and Chava ate from the tree they sewed together a fig leaf and made themselves aprons [3/7]. They then hid and [Adam] told Hashem that they hid because they were naked???? But right after the sin they immediately covered themselves and were no longer naked?

Please help me.

Please Help Me:I Can Legally Drink

The halacha is that if ones father asks for food or drink from his child the father must foot the bill and the child need not pay - "mishel av".

However before Succos one must pay for his own esrog until one fifth of ones money. And so with all mitzvos - we have to shell it out. Why then does the mitzva of kibbud av not require financial expenditure.

Please help me.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Please Help Me:Your Bones Should Not Be Blasted

The Mishna in Avos says that a miracle occured during the 3 Regalim - people stood bunched together but when they bowed down there was plenty of room. Rashi explains that this way people would not hear each other when they said vidui [and become embarrassed].

When pray-tell do we say vidui during the 3 Regalim??

Please help me.

Please Help Me:Teens Come To A Close

Many have a minhag to make the bracha on the lulav in the succa before davening. This seems to fly in the face of the axiomatic principle "Tadir vshaino tadir tadir kodem". Tefillah and krias shma are certainly more tadir than lulav.

Please help me.

Please Help Me:To the Chuppah!!

Please explain to me why we call the period between sunset and the onset of night-time Bein-Hashmashos "between the suns" - which 2 suns????

Please help me.

Please Help Me:Tov [Do Gematria]

The Mishna Brura [640/27] says that when one sleeps in his succa his table must remain inside the succa lest he follow the table inside his house. Since we generally do not eat while we sleep this seems like a very strange concern.

Please help me.

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