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Please Help Me:To the Chuppah!!

Please explain to me why we call the period between sunset and the onset of night-time Bein-Hashmashos "between the suns" - which 2 suns????

Please help me.

I was thinking that maybe it doesn't refer to two suns but to two functionaries, שמשות being the plural of shamash and not shemesh. I don't know if this works etymologically, but it would be the time between the sun, which serves to light the earth during the day, and the moon, which serves to light the earth during the night.
Way out there, I know.

Rav Alley- i think i also have a possible way of looking at this. Listening to Rav Yissochar Frand last night, he mentioned (i think it's a rashi in this week's parsha Bereishit) that the moon and the sun were originally created by Hashem to be equals. When the moon complained that it didn't want to share the Kavod of illuminating Hashem's world, it was stripped of its own light (now just a reflection of the sun's light off the moon illuminates). So it was Hashem's intention to have 2 suns and that could be the source of the phrase "Bein Hashmashot." Rashi also says that this was the cause of creating the stars. It compliments the moon by also reflecting some light.
***Please note- i am not as eloquent as Rav Frand and I certainly do not believe that i convey Rashi's words effectively. Better off seeing it inside than taking my word for it.

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