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Please Help Me:Sweet 16

The Rishonim explain that it is permitted for a king and a kallah to wash their face on Yom Kippur because מן התורה it is only forbidden to wash ones entire body.

However we all know the opinion of R' Yochanan that חצי שיעור אסור מן התורה according to which it should be Assur to wash even part of ones body!

Please help me.

Gmar chasima tova to all of my beloved sweet friends.

I believe this may relate to the nature of ח"ש - within the view that it is quantitative, is it simply a סייג דאורייתא such that there is no פחות מכשיעור violation but we proscribe performing ח"ש as a סייג, or is it actually a violation? Acc. to the first option there may at least be what to work with. Just a thought.
פתק טוב

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