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Vacation Time

A while back I read about a very impressive Yeshiva day-school Rebbe from the U.S.A. who died tragically young. One extraordinary story told about him is the following: At that time (1982) the Israeli's were fighting a war in Lebanon. This Rabbi enjoyed taking vacations with his family. But even though he had planned a vacation during a break from school he did not think it appropriate to vacation as his fellow Jews were engaged in dangerous and deadly warfare. On the other hand - it was vacation time!!

So he approached his Rov and shared his dilemma. His Rov said that if he has such Holy feelings that cause him to identify with his fellow Jews in their time of distress he should act on his feelings and cancel the vacation. The counsel [thanks Will] was of course followed.

No practical ramifications.

Just thinking.

I think rebbe meant counsel.

I read an article on Arutz Sheva (I think) which was m'lakeit the different opinions of the poskim on taking trips during the current matzav in E"Y.

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