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Divine Revelation

As you are well aware Israel is presently involved in a war with beasts who masquarade as human beings. Yet in spite of all of the sad news we have been hearing I have come to be the bearer of good tidings. They say that a pessimist is an optimist with experience. But by nature I am thank G-d a very upbeat person and pessimism is anathama to my being.

And so here the tidings: G-d revealed himself to me and told me how we can be victorious in this war and then enjoy the calm and tranquility of peace in the Middle East!!!

No I have not fallen off my rocker. Frankly I don't even own a rocker. And I have not lost my marbles because I no longer play with marbles.

Now that I have convinced you of my sanity I would like to share with you the message. "So sadith the Lord - LEARN TORAH AND KEEP MY MITZVOS AND I GUARANTEE [!!!] YOU PEACE IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL IN ADDITION TO A BOOM IN THE ECONOMY [as opposed to a boom in your homes - my addition]."

Before you brand me a false prophet I will direct you to your very own Chumash. Read Parshas Bechukosi. That is what it says there. So G-d didn't only tell me - He told you too!!!

So for all the fine Jews who are glued to C.N.N. Shlita, remember, we are in the midst of a war and you are a soldier. Soldiers have little or no time to watch T.V. or engage in endless conversations about what's going on. He [or she!!!] must fight.

Chazal taught us thousands of years ago that at the end of days the descendents of Yishmael are going to cause us so much pain and agony that we will call out in pain to Hashem. Then He will redeem us.

"Ayle varechev viayle basusim vaanachnu bshem Hashem nazkir hayma keru vinafalu vaanachnu kamnu vanisodad".

Please help .... us.

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