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Shiurim To Seminary Girls and Unsorted
New School Year 5767-8: Rosh Hashana: Keeping Your Cool  
Rosh Hashana: Good Looking  
Wakeup Call  
Succos: When Height Truly Matters  
Opposing Mates  
True Tzadikim Love Money  
The Challenge Of Having Company  
Chariots Of Fire  
Our Tefillos: The Same But Different  
Wow - Isn't That Special!  
Never Stop Growing  
Love Conquers All [An alleyways first - I leave the alleyways of the Old City to give a shiur at Midreshet Moriah!!]  
Pnimius [Shiur #1 - Given to a group of Holy future mothers of Israel from Be'er Miriam Seminary in the Old City]  
Chitzonious [Shiur #2]  
Criticism:A How To Guide [Shiur #3]  
Criticism Part 2 [Shiur #4]  
Staying With G-d In The Diaspora [#5]  
The Moral Implications Of Monotheism, Or - Why Does It Matter That Hashem Is One [#6]  
The Power Of Listening [#7]  
Discovering The Treasures Within You [#8]  
Magnificent Miriam [#9]  
Rosh Chodesh and The Greatness Of Women [#10] [By the way, at the end of the shiur I didn't mean to imply that men are all a bunch of egomaniacs - just that for men it is more of a challenge to be humble]   
Seeing Is Believing? [Shiur #11]  
Ups And Downs [shiur #12]  
Truth [#13]  
Purim: Learning From The Waves [#14]  
Purim: Learning Sensitivity [#15]  
Pernicious Influences [#16]  
Brotherly Love [#17]  
Bumps In The Road [#18]  
Flashes of Inspiration  
A Mothers Embrace [The return to Jerusalem]  
Repent Ye Righteous  
Finding Hashem on Wall Street/How To Be A Rebbe/When Not To Make A Decision:Two Letters For You  

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