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Please Help Me:The Nineorolopolokopogy

The Rambam writes in the שורש ראשון of the Sefer Hamitzvos that it is a mistake to think that קבורת המת is a mitzva midioraisa. Then, in mitzva רל"א the Rambam writes that קבורת המת is a mitzva midioraisa!!!!

Please help me.

[Question submitted by קלמן חיים בן מליא רחל.]

Great question, and, obviously, I don't have an answer. But maybe I can help you find one.
רמב"ן himself (pages מד and מו in מהדורת שבתי פרנקל) notes this glaring contradiction and essentially leaves it unanswered. Both לב שמח and קנאת סופרים address this question על אתר (ibid, pg. מז) quoting many other conflicting הלכות in the יד on this issue (both in מלכים and אבל) and they proffer solutions. בהצלחה.

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