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Please Help Me:Your Bones Should Not Be Blasted

The Mishna in Avos says that a miracle occured during the 3 Regalim - people stood bunched together but when they bowed down there was plenty of room. Rashi explains that this way people would not hear each other when they said vidui [and become embarrassed].

When pray-tell do we say vidui during the 3 Regalim??

Please help me.

I’m not sure what גירסא Rebbe has of רש"י on אבות but in the back of the 6-כרך, ש"ס טלמן the following is what is printed for רש"י:
כשהיו התכנסין בעזרה ברגלים או בשאר ימות השנה עומדין צפופין דחוקין בעמידתן וכהיו משתחוים כלפי השכינה לבקש ולשאול כל אחד כפי צרכיו היה ריוח כל כך שהיה בין אחד לאחד ד' אמות כדי שלא ישמע אחד תפלת חבירו כך מצאתי באגדה.
Vidui is not mentioned here.

Rav Will

You are meticulous! Kol hakavod.

See yoma 21 in Rashi and Bartenura on the mishna.

I looked up the sources and it's not clear to me that they're discussing the רגלים, despite that they do say explicitly that it's שלא יתבששו or שלא יכלמו when others hear their וידוי. Their quotations from ויקרא רבה י and בראשית רבה ה also don't mention that it's the רגלים and also (if I remember correctly) don't mention חטאים, they only discuss תפילה. But even if it is talking about וידוי there's no reason it cannot be talking about ר"ה and יו"כ.
It's only (as far as i can tell) later מפרשים (e.g., קהתי) who say it's discussing both the רגלים AND וידוי.

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