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Please Help Me:Teens Come To A Close

Many have a minhag to make the bracha on the lulav in the succa before davening. This seems to fly in the face of the axiomatic principle "Tadir vshaino tadir tadir kodem". Tefillah and krias shma are certainly more tadir than lulav.

Please help me.

With my limited knowledge I thought this principle only operates in a case where the things in question are somehow halachically connected. For example, if the question is whether to say רצה before יעלה ויבוא or to do some קרבנות before others then they are an integrated whole - they are all part of ברכת המזון or are part of the עבודת בית המקדש. Being נוטל לולב and תפילה/ק"ש seem to me to be pretty much distinct, they are 2 מצות that we do during the day but are otherwise unrelated.
Please, as always, correct me if i'm utterly wrong.

Rav Will

You have vast knowledge and are very smart!!!

See Rebbe Akiva Eiger on shulchan aruch simman 7 who discusses [amongst many others] asher yatzar and bircas hamozon.
Shut Radbaz [siman 251] milah vs. megillah. ןעוד ועוד

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