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Mazel Tov to my beloved friend and chavrusa R' Ezra Chanan ben Bryna [Malitzky] on his engagement!!!!!

Mazel Tov to me [Elchanan ben Henna Miriam] on my birthday this Shabbos!!

It says in the Yerushalmi that on ones birthday he is endowed with special spiritual powers. I use those powers to bless you all with bracha and hatzlacha in Gashmius and Ruchnius. I also pledge [bli neder] to try to help anyone achieve that hatzlacha in any way I can. Just ask.


מזל טובs and בשעה טובהs all around@
If I may ask, where is the ירושלמי?

See Yerushalmi Rosh Hashana Perek gimmel Halacha ches with the korban haedah.
If the topic interests you see the sefer Yom Malkenu [Lubavitch], Sefer Zikaron for Rav Herzog zatzal [I don't remember what page], Hakatan vhilchosav chapter 84.
You can find the sfarim on the fifth floor of the Gottesman Library. If Hagaon Rav Simon is sitting there please send him my warmest regards and tell him that I am enjoying the Imrei Baruch on Bereishis and can't wait for Vayikra.

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