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What do you call maror after you take it out of the fridge?

Bitter cold.

There are many bitter Jews in blogosphere. Angry at G-d, parents, teachers and community. It is not good to be bitter. In Beshalach we read the when the Jews arrived at Marah they could not drink the water because "marim hem" which means [according to the simple meaning] that the waters were bitter. The Kotzker reads the pasuk differently. It wasn't the waters that were bitter - it was the Jews themselves. When you are bitter everything you drink will be bitter!

Zeesa Yidden - let's be sweet!!

Like the fruits of Eretz Yisrael!

A happy tu bishvat to all.

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam


Shalom Harav Shli"ta,

Long time reader, first time poster- just thought you'd appreciate an alternate response to this post's joke given to me when i posed the riddle to a holy friend... "Cold
Sweat"- not bad, huh?

keep em coming...

CAn you post a tubshvat shiur from the tolner

Reb Yossi - I don't think that I have.

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