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Baby Powder And Marriage

Yakov Smirnoff was a Russian Comic who emigrated to the US. He related that soon after he arrived he was walking in the supermarket and he saw milk powder. You take the powder, add water and PRESTO! you have milk.

Then he saw Orange Juice powder. You take the powder, add water and PRESTO! you have Orange Juice.

Then he saw baby powder. He was moved to exclaim "WHAT A COUNTRY!!!"

G-d gave human beings the Godly power to create another human being. Wow! A man contributes a putrid drop of semen, the woman contributes her egg and Hashem takes over for nine months and then miracle of all miracles - a living breathing, talking, thinking, walking, laughing, [eventually, especially if he hears lots of Yakov Smirnoff jokes] human being emerges.

Part of Hashem's gift is that he made the initial act of creation pleasurable. Western society has taken this Divine act and turned into a means for the constant fulfillment of ones narcissistic desires. It is no longer about creating another human being or showing love to someone else. It is just about me. Me, me, me. That is what the entire media is built upon. Every movie star, television actress, even the female newscasters are supposed to be physically appealing. Recently someone asked me if it is OK to see a "kosher movie". I replied that in the decade or so that I was watching movies I don't recall seeing one where --- was not part of the plot [except maybe for "Mary Poppins" and "Hoosiers". Did you see "Hoosiers"? Awesome!]. Maybe the DVD is kosher enough to eat but certainly not to watch. [Whenever I make this point to people they strain themselves to think of a movie where there was no ---. Which just proves my point.]

Kedusha means taking our G-d given ability to procreate and using it EXCLUSIVELY within the framework of the family.

Marriage, after all, is called by our Sages, "Kiddushin".

Why didn't Hashem just make humans capable of asexual reproduction, thus avoiding the narcissism?

Please ask him when you see him [after 120]!

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