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Hanging On The Tree

Someone told me in the name of a certain Chassidic Rebbe that vomiting on Purim is a tikkun. For what, I haven't the foggiest!! I don't even know if he said it.

18 Purims ago I made EIGHT [!] tikkunim. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend Calev [Kurt] Stein [now of Passaic] who cleaned up after me [and I think he took me home as well].

I once asked what it means when we say in the piyyut Maoz Tzur "Rov banav VIKINYANAV al ha'aytz taleesa" - Haman's kinyanim [acquisitions] were hung on the tree. Was Haman's couch hanging? His living room table?

Today it occured to me that it means as follows: Haman BOUGHT the Jewish people from Achashveirosh [so explained the Gra]. So when he was hanging, his kinyan was also hanging [and thus nullified, because a dead person cannot own anything]. The kinyan no longer being in force opens the door for the decree of Achashveirosh to be overturned - as it was.

Shalom Rebbe!

I've been wondering about the connection betwen Purim and Chanuka for some time now. Aside from both chagim being based on divrei sofrim and both sharing the same section in the Rambam, for what reason do we always link Purim and Chanuka together? It seems as though they are both entirely different time periods, and concern different approaches towards wiping the Jews as well - one through genocide and the other through heavy assimilation.

two dirabanan chagim.

Love and blessings

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