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Pursuant to the post 'Our "Leaders"' the following thought occured to me. If you wanted to use one adjective to describe someone REALLY horrible you could definitely come up with something better than "he doesn't fear G-d". It is not a compliment but there are worse appelations. Yet when the Torah describes Amalek it says "v'lo yarei Elokim" - they don't fear G-d?! That's all???

The answer is that if one doesn't fear G-d then any act of evil can be perpetrated. There is no restraint. And that is more dangerous than anything else.

To quote Dostoyevsky: "If there is no G-d - then anything is permitted."

After the Akeidah, Hashem says "now I know that you [Avraham] fear G-d." That is all? Is there no higher praise. Apparently - not!! If one fears G-d [truly] then he MUST do the right thing in any given situation. There is no choice.

A happy and successful week to all!!!!!!!!!

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