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Try!!!??? - The Resolution

Why can a person with glasses anticipate the future? Because he has "four-sight".


In a previous post I asked why the Rambam says that one should TRY [yishtadel] not to leave over any meat from the Pesach offering. It is forbidden!! "Try" doesn't express the severity of the act.

The Tolna Rebbe shlita was bothered by this question for many years and asked numerous people until he finally realized what the Rambam means. The Rambam is not referring to the prohibition when he says "try". He is referring to the means that one takes to prevent a transgression. If one has a big animal he should make sure to invite enough people to eat with him. The bigger the animal the more people. That is "yishtadel". So the issur itself is severe and absolutely forbidden. Therefore one should have the foresight to do "hishtadlus" in advance to prevent the averah.

[Note: 2 very hungry Yeshiva Bachurim will almost always suffice no matter how large the animal].

May we be zoche to eat a delicious korban pesach this year. [For me it will be easy. I can still have my seder at home.]

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