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Today is the yarzheit of my Great-Grandmother. She was a very special woman. I called her Nani [pronounced Nunny. It is short for grandmother in hungarian]. She had a hard life [who in the previous generation didn't]. In her lifetime she lost both of her parents [at a young age if I am not mistaken], two husbands, her only daughter, and all of her siblings. Yet, she was always in good spirits. I used to visit her in a Home in Netanya. Her main concern was always for me, a young healthy Yeshiva boy. One time she insisted that I take an orange from her fridge. I saw two oranges, one a smaller one and the other a larger and jucier one. I was coming from a Yeshiva which placed a strong emphasis on mussar. Mussar teaches that you leave the larger orange for the other person so I took the smaller one. She noticed and insisted that I take the larger one leaving the smaller one for herself. A small deed which was indicative of a much deeper feeling of love.

I miss her greatly. I would much appreciate it if you would do a mitzva today or say a perek Tehillim LĂ­lui Nishmas my dear Nani: Esther bas R' Shmuel.

Thank you!!

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