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Defining A True "Tzaddik"

In davening we say עושה משפט לעשוקים נותן לחם לרעבים ה' מתיר אסורים ה' פוקח עורים וכו'

Hashem does justice to those bereft of rights, He gives bread to the hungry, He frees those who are bound, Hashem opens the eyes of the blind etc. Hashem who loves Tzaddikim, Hashem protects strangers, Hashem encourages the orphan and widow etc.

A list of sad cases. The question is - Why are Tzaddikim included in this list of unfortunates? A Tzaddik is anything but a "nebach" case?!

Chassidim say that the psalm is teaching us that Hashem loves those Tzaddikim who place THEMSELVES amongst those who are suffering and downtrodden.

wow. that is deep.

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