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What Hashem Places In His Inner Chamber

Today I was reminded of an amazing story. About 20 years ago there was a fire on a bus and a woman named Rochel Weiss and her three children tragically died. When the great Mashgiach, Rav Meir Chadash heard what had happened he cried FIVE seperate times. Once for the mother, once for each of the children and once - for the husband who lost his family. [Today Baruch Hashem he has since built a new family and lives in the Old City.]

The Gemara in Maseches Shabbos says that when we cry over the loss of a "Kosher" person Hashem counts the tears and places them in his inner chamber. A person who lives Torah has to learn how to cry for others. To the best of my knowledge Rav Meir did not even know the family. We are desensitized because we hear of so many tragedies and might have lost our ability to cry sufficiently. And that in itself is something to cry about.

Wishing all of my sweetest friends a life filled with Simchos and Glad Tidings.

Yours Truly


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