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A G-dly Perspective

The Red Heifer. Hooooooooly Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of the sefarim explain that the Parah Adumah purifies because it teaches humility. It purifies only after it has been completely burned. Ashes. Nothing left. That purifies.

We too become pure when we realize our smallness. Humility. How do we achieve humility?

The Tolna Rebbe Shlita had never been on an airplane until two years ago when he was invited to speak at the Siyum Hashas in England. He noticed that when the plane was in the sky everything below looked small. Low buildings, tall buildings - everything. Miniatures.

So that, teaches the Rebbe, is how to achieve humility.

Take a view from the Heavens. From that perspective nothing down here is very impressive.

Good Shabbos My Beloved Friends!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Great Minhag Idea for Parshas Parah. Take a piece of steak, douse it in ketchup and presto - you have a Red Cow!!

P.P.S. Please daven for Tinokes bas Shaindel Rivka.

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