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Stayin' Alive ["Niggun" from the 70's] - The Torah Way

When the Gentiles want to memorialize the dead they have a "Moment of Silence".

When Jews want to remain ALIVE they have a moment of silence [and then change the subject].

מי האיש החפץ חיים ...... נצור לשונך מרע

Who is the man who desires life..... guard your tongue from [speaking] evil.

Pesach is coming up. The Arizal explains "Peh Sach" - [mouth speaks]. Let our mouths always speak good things.

What do you do if you hear a parent talking loshon hara? Do you critique?

their are some jews... especially in Israel who also feel that a moment of silence is appropriate to remember dead jews. ie. yom hazikaron or yom ha-shoa. their are also jews in america who feel that we should have moments of silence for the ppl who died on sept 11th.

Dear S.F.K.
The Chofetz Chaim addresses this question [klal 8\14] and says that one must prevent them [respectfully of course.] See there.

Chaim Yehoshua Hakohen - My Rebbe and Chavrusa!!!!

You're duchening every day now!!! Fun!!

Anyway contemporary poskim have dealt extensively with the ? and some permit it. But I don't think anyone claims that it is a traditional Jewish custom.

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