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Spiritual Guidance

One of the main lessons I try to impart to the young men and women with whom I learn is the importance of having a Rebbe. The reason many people are detached from spirituality is because they are detached from a spiritual guide. The converse is also true. Those attached to Ruchniyus only achieved their heights thanks to the guidance and inspiration of a Rebbe.

It sounds like a Chassidic idea - but what can I do if Judaism is Chassidic. [To those who might accuse me of having a Chassidic bias making me unable to be purely objective, I plead guilty!]

Today we read in the Torah that Moshe set up his tent outside the camp and anyone who searched for G-d went to the tent. The Yerushalmi points out that the pasuk doesn't say "anyone who searched for Moshe" went to the tent. Rather anyone who searched for "G-D" went to the tent. From this we learn, explains the Gemara, that anyone who receives the countenance of his Rebbe it is as if he received the countenance of G-d. [Eruvin Perek 5 Halacha 1].

And if you want to see something REALLY wild check out the Zohar in Parshas Bo [38 a].

Whoa!!!!! [Can't tell you what it says. Self-Censorship.]

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