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Yanki has just returned home from his 12th date with Tzuri. Things are beginning to get serious. Tonight he took her out to a Meat restaurant. That means things are getting REALLY serious! Yanki's philosophy is - Why spend money on someone elses future wife?!

But he is unsure. On one hand she has so many of the qualities that he is looking for. On the other hand a tad bit too frum. Doesn't want a T.V. in her house, no internet connection and wants to move to Israel right away. On the third hand he wants a girl who possesses oodles and oodles of Yiras Shomayim who will be a source of religious inspiration. On the fourth hand ..............

Yanki needs to think this over. He decides that a snack will help trigger the thought process. So he approaches the freezer and takes out a large tub of Hagen-Dazs ice cream [which reminds him that SHE only eats Chalav Yisrael products]. He digs his spoon in the delicious Vanilla Bean makes a bracha - woops!!!!!!!!!!!!! then remembers that he is "fleishig". He just had a meat meal a short time ago.

What should he do? Eat the ice cream to prevent a bracha l'vatala or not eat the ice cream because he just ate meat?

(I presume that there was no other shehakol food in front of him that could b'dieved be covered by the beracha)

How long ago did he finish eating the meat? If it was at least an hour, there are shitot that that is enough time (ie: minhag Holland) that he could rely on b'dieved. Alternatively, if he did kinuach and netilah, he could rely on Rabbeinu Tam's view for separating between bassar and chalav.

So I say that he should taste a tiny bit of the ice cream, but not swallow.

Beracha leVatala = d'Oraita. Milk after meat does not involve any bishul, and therefore might be derabanan (especially with other mitigating factors which could be relied on b'deieved)


A Beracha leVatala is a violation of one of the ten commandments.

Thats incorrect. Saying a bracha in vain is only a rabbinic prohibition.

Yaacov - You are an ilui.

Hamelech and S.F.K. each represent one side of a MAJOR machlokes haposkim. There is an entire sefer written in order to prove that it is on midrabonon but some are still not convinced.

Thanks for your input!!

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