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This is an part of an email I received from a friend:

"I wanted to tell you that you really summed up David Yamnick in your post. He really was a true mentsch. I lived next to him in Y.U. for one year. I would come into his room about 10 times an evening (usually to mooch some food or to hock) and everytime I would enter, he would get up and give the biggest 'Hey what's going on' as if he hadn't seen me in a few days. My wife and I can't stop thinking about his wife and child. It is very sad".


R' Ariel Edelstein has taken initiative and organized the learning of Shas LĂ­lui Nishmas R' Dovid. Please take part!!!! It will not only elevate his pure Neshama but will elevate yours as well. A true Chesed Shel Emmes. A kindness you can do perform him which he cannot return. So don't wait until 120 when others will learn for your Neshama. Learn for your own Neshama today!!!

More info on the Netiv Aryeh website.

Forever yours


P.S. There is only one excuse not to take part. You are too busy. I am also too busy. But I am doing it anyway. Please join me.

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