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They Probably Took The D Train

Duvie and Dovie run into each other on a sweltering hot day in July at the 72nd Street subway station. Sadly, they are surrounded by women who apparently had been struck with an acute case of amnesia - they forgot to get dressed that morning!!!
These two Yeshiva bochrim are so happy to see each other. After exchanging pleasantries they enter into an animated Torah discussion.

Uh oh! Sorry guys. As the King was told in the Sefer HaKuzari - your intentions are terrific but your actions leave something to be desired. It is forbidden to talk about Torah in the presence of immodestly clad women. Their only recourse is to SILENTLY ponder Torah issues - non-verbally. A practical Halacha for the summer months. [Based on Sefer Halichos Shlomo]

What if they are standing at the back of a car facing the wall, such that they cannot seen any of the inappropriately-dressed indigenous peoples?

As always you are correct.

Good point. That is an aitza.

This is i assume not a problem of erva but one of das yehudis (it would of course be impacted by what scantily clad means). There are different nuances around das yehudis whereas Erva has very specific issurim not only vis a vis learning torah.

Hey Mike, long time no speak!

See Mishna Brura 75/2.

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