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March Madness: A Dual Meaning

March Madness has begun. This means that we have to know two things.

1] Betting poses serious Halachic problems relating to Gezel. "Asmachta lo kanya" - if I may wax Talmudic for a moment. So ask a competent Rav before placing bets.[If you could bet I would tell you to go with Ohio State. But then again I heard that my old idol Steve Alford is no longer playing for them. Fortunately, I no longer worship idols.]

2] Another type of March Madness - cleaning for Pesach! Remember: Dust is not considered chametz!!! Nor is a non-sparkling toilet bowl. Or rust on the car. Examples abound. Chametz is only considered chametz if it is really chametz. [Deep.] So relax. B'Simcha uvi'nachas. No nervousness. Peace in the home is a paramount mitzva. And if this doesn't apply to you - then show it to someone for whom the message is relevant!!

Rebbe, I'm no NCAA expert and didn't even know what college was when steve alford played, but i believe that he was in indiana. but you're right, it's definitely good not to worship idols ... or chametz.

chag kasher v'sameach.

You are correct. I am mistaken. I mixed him up with a similar player whose name escapes me.
Thank you and chag sameach.

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