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When It Hurts

Everybody suffers. Allergies, the flu, irritable bowel syndrome, cavities, an annoying roommate, traffic jams and worse chas v'shalom. But everybody has something. It is just a question of WHAT we have but no one lives a completely idyllic existence.

This is called yissurim. Yissurim are supposed to bring us to dvekus - clinging - to Hashem. Which thoughts engender dvekus?

1] Believe that everything that happens is from G-d.

2] Divine judgement is precise. Everything is doled out by G-d with the most exact measurements. We get no more or no less than we deserve.

3] Everything that happens is for the best. If things would be otherwise it would be terrible.

It isn't easy to have such thoughts. But it is very rewarding. In this world and the next.

[Michtav Méliyahu Vol.3 Page 240]

Today is a sad day.

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