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Know Thine Enemy

It is well known that a kohein gadol is only allowed to marry a besulah but not a widow or a divorcee. Why?

The sefer Moshav Zekainim [written by the baalei tosphos] gives a startling answer.
If it would be permitted for the kohein gadol to marry a widow, there is a very real concern that on Yom Kippur when he recites Hashem's holy name, he will think of a certain married woman in whom he is interested, and have special kavana that her husband should die so that he can marry her!!!! Therefore, the Torah forbids him to marry a woman who was already married.

EXCUSE ME!!! The holiest man on the holiest day is going to have such a despicable thought while uttering Hashem's holy name?

YES!!! That is the power of the yetzer hara. Never underestimate his power. Know thine enemy.

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