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A Risky Endeavor

There is something that is on my mind that I really want to say.

The problem with the comments section on any blog is two-fold.

1] It is the internet so there are no rules. Anything goes. Nivul peh, loshon hara, leitzanus, heresy, a lack of respect for anything holy, etc. etc.

2] Commenters can remain anonymous, allowing more conveniently for everything listed in 1].

I have observed some other religious blogs and have found in some of them a great deal of 1] [both from the baál hablog and from the commenters]. It is quite disturbing. [I have not seen them all so please don't take it personally if you have one.] I am a Yeshiva Bochur [slighty aged] and strive to have a blog which will reflect the values, rhetoric and general mentshlechkeit promoted by a Yeshiva. The goal of the blog is that it should help bring all of us closer to Hashem Yisborach and his Torah. Period. However, by allowing comments I run the risk of a proliferation of 1].

Yet, I have found all of the commenters to be polite, respectful [even when disagreeing with me, which I think is great - I don't need to be right all of the time] and intelligent individuals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you put up with my jokes! It is hard enough for my family but they don't have a choice. But you come to alleyways willingly!

I love you guys!

Thanks for making this fun!!!!!!!

Good Shabbos

Your faithful servant

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

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