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If The Rambam Makes Sense - Why Doesn't He Make Sense

The Sha'agas Aryeh says that the Rambam's opinion is that women are exempted from the mitzva of writing a sefer torah, but he [the S.A.] doesn't understand why.

The Minchas Chinuch [mitzva 613] asks the following question on the S.A.: The S.A. himself proves from the Gemara that if a woman wrote a sefer torah it is invalid [this point is disputed by the Shach who maintains that a sefer torah written by a women is kosher]. If that is the case how is it possible to obligate a woman to write a torah? If she writes it herself it is invalid, and if she appoints a male as an agent [shliach] to write one for her it is also invalid. There is a well known rule that if you can't do something by yourself, you can also not appoint an agent to do it for you. So how according to the S.A. can a woman possibly be obligated to write a sefer torah.

Which leaves us to wonder, why does the Sha'agas Aryeh not understand the opinion of the Rambam who exempts women from the mitzva of writing a torah. It makes perfect sense?!

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