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Belief #5 - Searching Relentlessly

If someone wants to increase their belief in G-d they must be TENACIOUS about it. It must consume them. "I CAN'T GO TO THE MOVIES TONIGHT - I AM SEARCHING FOR THE DIVINE!" One must purchase books on the topic and then STUDY them. [I especially recommend 5 volumes of Michtav M'Eliyahu among many other excellent books]. There are many people who buy large quantities of books which just sit quietly on the shelf - untouched. [These people are unfortunately "shomer negiyah" with many of their books.]

Many people in the business world work 18 or 20 hours a day in the search for money. Finding G-d is no less important. And requires no less effort.

אם תבקשנה ככסף וכמטמונים תחפשנה אז תבין יראת ה' ודעת אלוקים תמצא - משלי ב, ד-ה

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