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When Time Stops - And Life Begins

People mistakenly think that "netzach" - eternity, means that time keeps going on and on and on. Billions of years and then much, much more. Incorrect! Eternity means that THE CONCEPT OF TIME IS NON-EXISTENT. That is why eternity is called "yom shekoolo aroch" - a day that is COMPLETELY long. In other words it is long even at the beginning. That is why the pleasure of the world to come is so great. In this world we can only enjoy one second worth of pleasure per second. But in eternity we are continuously enjoying an eternity worth of pleasure. That makes all the pleasure of this world seem downright worthless. So to paraphrase the Mesilas Yesharim: Let's live our lives for the "real thing" - not a cheap substitute!!!

[Based in part on the Pachad Yitzchak on Yom Kippur Maamar 21]

[This is not to imply that we should do mitzvos in order to receive reward. An discussion of the seeming implication of the Mesilas Yesharim that we should perform mitzvos shelo lishmah is beyond the scope of this post.]

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