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Belief #3 - Chabad House On Mars

Rav Yosef Kahanamen was the Rosh Yeshiva of Ponevezh and a world class Gaon. He also had a sharp wit. The story is told that he was once asked if there was life on other planets. He replied "I don't know for sure but I have a proof that there isn't. Because if there was - the Lubavitchers would have already built a Chabad House there...."

Frankly, the question of life on other planets doesn't impact our lives. Whether or not there is, I am not going to live my life any differently. So I ask, what does matter whether or there is a G-d "up there" somewhere. He exists, he doesn't exist, what's the difference?

The answer is profound. Listen carefully. If G-d exists then EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE IS FILLED WITH PURPOSE AND MEANING. "Shivisi Hashem l'negdi tamid" - I will place G-d before me ALWAYS. I eat G-d, sleep G-d, talk G-d, go to work with G-d, pay my electricity bill with G-d etc. etc. There is no other reality outside of G-d. There is nothing of value outside of G-d. Everything else is a distraction.

If G-d doesn't exist [G-d forbid..] then NOTHING in this world has objective value. An athiest might decide that he wants to save the whales or the environment but it is only HE who assigned value to his agenda. There is nothing absolute involved. Tomorrow he can decide that he wants all the whales dead and loves pollution. The next day he can decide that he doesn't care after all. And that is his "athiest right". Because NOTHING REALLY MATTERS.

So if one TRULY believes in G-d that means that everything in life is about our service and our everlasting quest to get closer and closer to Him. G-d's existence cannot become [as it has for so many] an abstact question having as much practical signifigance as flying UFO'S and martians sighted in a Burger King in Memphis [they were eating a buger and fries with Elvis].

P.S. A shiur was posted on this topic in the machshava section entitled "Five Paths To Emunah".

parenthetically- i heard from my mashgiach, Rabbi Mordechai Finkleman, that Reb Yaakov Kaminesky said that it is def. possible that Hashem created other beings and creatures on other planets.

Great post, exactly my thoughts. The time will come, not too soon though, as I have so many other things on my mind, when I'll write something on the subject - more socio-political than religious though.

All the best


I heard from a Rav in Netiv Aryeh that there is no possibility of life on other planets.

Too bad that Rav Yaakov didn't teach in Netiv.

The Anti-Semite - Why such a horrible name?

Makes you wonder if man didn't "create" God to give himself some sense of purpose?

I know that sounds like blasphemy, just trying to stir up some debate.

The very fact that man cares enough to look for meaning is for me an indication that there is a G-d. If we are just physical beings why wouldn't we just be concerned with fulfilling our physical desires. Why should we care to find a G-d. The fact that it is so important to us is to me an indication that there is a G-dly realm.

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