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Belief - Introduction

There is what I consider one of the most serious problems in the Jewish community. Namely - a lack of belief. In G-d, in the Torah, in Rabbis etc. etc. There are many people who wear religious garb but don't believe. They might even live more or less according to Halacha, but they are lacking the basics. Some of them have blogs. On these blogs they try to drag others into the mud with them. They usually remain anonymous but of course they are real people. Some attended Yeshivos and Seminaries [usually not the same person. It is hard to be accepted to both. I am an exception. I have been involved in Torah both in Yeshivos and with Seminary girls. In a professional capacity of course]. They often had negative experiences during the course of their education which of impacts their lack of faith. We are not only intellectual beings. We are also emotional. Much more influenced by our emotions than many would like to admit. Therefore if someone had a bad Rebbe [or father] it makes it very difficult for them to completely accept G-d and his Torah. I generally don't find these people to be genuine truth seekers. They are often sarcastic, cynical and angry. I can't judge such people because Chazal instruct us not to judge others until we step into their shoes. And it is impossible to completely identify with someone else. So I have pity for such people. But they are a sampling of the many people who are possibly outwardly religious but internally have jettisoned traditional Jewish belief. Others have stopped keeping Halacha altogether.

But even amongst those who claim to believe are often shaky in their belief. And even those who are strong and stable, well, belief in G-d is not something that we do and fulfill our obligation like eating a kezais of Matzah or making kiddush. We must always intensify and bolster our belief. So everybody needs chizuk in Emunah. Everybody.

So in the coming period, with the help of the Almighty, from time to time we will try to post different ideas and insights which I hope will help somebody grow in their level of Emunah. Not everything I write will necessary resonate with you personally because different ideas resonate with different people but I hope that some of what I say will help you. Also remember that I am not the final word. If you disagree with something I write it is possible that you are correct and that I have G-d forbid misrepresented the traditional Jewish viewpoint. I will try my best not to make mistakes but I am quite the fallible sort.

One caveat. This will not be an exhaustive treatment. For that I would need many lifetimes! And even then I will not have but scratched the surface. But I will try in a small way to help and enlighten. I would also appreciate your input either via email [allyatika@gmail.com] or in the comments section or personally [that's the best]. Thank you.

Love and Blessings

Your faithful servant who rolls around in the dust of your feet [in the figurative sense of course]

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

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