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When Gelt Is A Person's Whole Velt [World]

To continue the thought of the last post.

You can check it out. Interview psychologists and ask them if rich people are generally happier. Of course they aren't! On the contrary there are many very busy psychologists and psychiatrists, and who can afford them? People with money. Do rich people have happier marriages? No way! Are wealthy people more content? Not a chance! See the very first essay in the Michtav Mi'eliahu ["Strive For Truth" in english]. A classic!

So I must make myself clear. Having money does not NECESSARILY mean that one will miserable but it certainly does not guarantee happiness. The secret is to keep the materialistic part of life in its proper perspective. Money is not everything. That may seem simple to you but most people live their lives and make decisions based on the premise that money is what life is all about. And "He who dies with the most toys - wins". And I say that he who dies with the MOST toys loses - the MOST. Get it?

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