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Such Clothing One Can Purchase At Sym's - Where An Educated Jewish Consumer Is Our Best Customer

In the last post I talked about how Yerushalayim has been enclothed with Jews over the holiday. Now I would like to discuss for a moment how Jews should enclothe THEMSELVES on Chol Hamoed.

There are three opinions that I have seen in the Poskim [See the beginning of Simman 530 in the Shulchan Aruch and Sefer Chol Hamoed K'hilchaso page 10] .

1] One must wear Yom Tov clothing, which should be even finer than one's Shabbos clothing.

2] One should wear one's Shabbos garb. It is not necessary according to this opinion to wear Yom Tov clothing.

3] The most lenient opinion: One need not wear Shabbos clothing but one should still get more dressed up then one would on a regular weekday.

In other words there is no basis in Halacha for wearing weekday clothing on Chol Hamoed.

I should think that more emphasis should be placed on what people do on chol hamoeid than on what people wear. להבדיל, we care more that someone not be מחלל שבת than that he should wear a suit. Though we would probably have an easier time with the suit.

Why do all the frummies go to the zoo on chol hamoed?

Will - Chag Sameach!!

I thought about discussing the prohibition of going to work on chol hamoed which [in the absence of davar haáved] is chilul Yom Tov. It is quite common to say the least for religious jews to go to work anyway. Chol wins out over Moed! But I didn't post anything about it because people are going anyway.

Bigdei Yom Tov are a kiyum not only in kavod but also in Simcha making it a din dioraisa.

I was referring to the wonderful Jews who do not go to work. But I do agree, why not address the clothing point as well?

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