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When One's Neck Hurts

Funny the way the four sons are presented. One of them we know only his name - Tom - and one of them we are where he is from - Russia. But the other two we don't know their name or where they are from.

Anyway, the Gemara Yerushalmi has a different version than what we have in our Hagada of what the Rasha says. מה העבודה הזאת לכם - מה כל הטירחה שאתם מטריחים עלינו.
In other words: Keeping all of these mitzvos is a MAJOR PAIN IN THE NECK!!

How can we bring this Rasha back into the fold [or maybe that little Rasha that dwells within us]? Show him the JOY of Mitzva observance. It is fun. If it is not fun we are not doing it right! So especially if you have children - be creative. Think of ways to show them how exciting Torah and Mitzvos are. Pesach time - and all year round.

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