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Nissan Quest - 5767

What a profound advertisement. Finally the superficial world of Madison Avenue has touched upon deeper spiritual issues!!!

"Nissan Quest 2007"

What is our quest this Nissan?

The holiday is called "Pesach" - Skipping Over. The books of Chassidus [based on the Medrash] explain that we have the opportunity to "skip" towards Hashem above and beyond our natural capabilities. "B'Chipazon Yatzasem MiMitzraim" explains Unkelos "Bibehiloo" we left Egypt. While "rushing". [See the Rambam's version of the Hagada.] We go in one night from "Mitchila Ovdei Avoda Zara Hayu Avoseinu" - At the beginning our fathers were Idolators - and then boom - "Váchshav Kervanu HaMakom Lávodaso", G-d has brought us close to His service. We made the jump!! We did it then - and we can do it today!!

So what is our Nissan Quest? To elevate ourselves above our narrow straits - "Mitzarim" - to the hights of spirituality and joy!!

By the way the Nissan Quest is a car. A mini-van. Not as exciting as leaving our personal and national exile.

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