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"Ya Gotta Believe"

It is 1973. The N.Y. Mets are celebrating in their locker room. A champagne drenched Tug McGraw [I don't know why he capitalized the G in the middle of his name. And it seems that I will never be able to ask him] screams exhuberantly into the T.V. camera "YA GOTTA BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

How right you were Reb Tug!!! We DO have to believe!

But it is not always so easy. Tuggy went to the grave without telling us how to deepen our belief.

But worry not - Dovid HaMelech enlightened us. "Heémanti ki ADABER". I believed because I spoke about it. Try it. You are eating breakfast, say "Thank you Hashem for Rice Krispies and milk. And this OJ is so refreshing. And Vitamin C included." Then when you go outside say "Thank you Hashem for the warm sun. Perfectly positioned!! Any closer we burn to death. Further - we freeze to death. It is so pleasant to enjoy the light and warmth of the sun. And that tomato that I ate last night could not have grown without it. Oh!!! A cool breeze! Thank you dear G-d for that cool breeze. I am walking. Wow!!! Thank you Hashem for not being paraplegic" etc. etc.

I could go on but there is not enough room in blogosphere to list the myriad of kindnesses that Hashem performs for us every second of every day of our life.

Of course that is what Seder Night is all about. Heémanti ki adaber. We want to inculcate ourselves and those around us with belief in Hashem. So we talk. And talk. And talk. V'chol hamarbeh lisaper b'yitzias Mitzraim harei zeh mishubach. Dayeinu. Dayeinu. Dayeinu.

Thanks for the inspiration Tuggy. And thanks for the advice [L'havdil] our dear King David. You make life special and meaningful!!

Love and Blessings for the Highest and Holiest Pesach ever.

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

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