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Sleeping And Bedikas Chametz: A Solution To Riddle-In

The answer to the Riddle-In is as follows. When we say HaMapil there is a possibility that we won't fall asleep. Yet we say it anyway since the bracha is said by one who INTENDS to go to sleep. And even if we are unsuccessful in our quest to catch some zzzz's it does not constitute a bracha l'vatala.

In the same way, if we make a bracha before we search for the Chametz and don't find any it is not a bracha l'vatala because the is made with the intention that if we find Chametz we will destroy it. Hence, according to the strict letter of the law it is not necessary to put out 10 pieces of bread [which is done to avoid the problem of bracha l'vatala in the event that we don't find anything else].

However practically speaking we put out the 10 pieces anyway.

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