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Making Sure Augustus Marries A Holy Jewish Girl

The famous humorist Art Buchwald once remarked "The New Times is a dirty paper. When you pick it up you get ink all over your hands."

I find that the two most depressing parts of the N.Y. Times are the obituaries and the wedding announcements. The obituaries for obvious reasons. And the wedding announcements because it shows how the Jewish People are being lost. Augustus Cohen marries Tiffany O'Donovan. Rabbi Marcia Fisherman and Father Patrick Spiderman officiated. [Incidentally their names are misleading - she doesn't go fishing and he is not a father.] Their future children [Olivia, Edward and Peter - the latter named after the kallah's grandfather - an Irish bartender] will be raised as Goyim. Good thing. They ARE Goyim.

Anyway what can we do - practically?

A] Invite a not yet religious Jew from work/neighborhood etc. to your house for a Shabbos meal. Then invite them back. Cholent is a very effective kiruv tool.

B] Get involved in some organization such as Partners in Torah which arranges a chavrusa between a Jew who knows and a Jew who would like to know.

C] Aish HaTorah just made a movie [I am not sure what it is called] about laymen doing kiruv. It stars [among others] R' Yoseph Tzvi ben Henna Miriam - my brother and Master - and highlights his successful kiruv activities. R' Yoseph Tzvi has a very taxing job - but he still finds time to share with others the light of Torah. Watch the flick.

D] Daven [in the bracha of Hashevainu] that Jews should return to Hashem. And mean it.

E] When you meet someone - anyone - smile, be friendly and kind. In other words, be a walking Kiddush Hashem.

F] Add your own suggestions.

Love and Blessings!!!!!!!!!!

Incidentally, one of the Baalei Tosaphos was named Rabeinu Peter...

See Gittin 8a, Tosaphos d"h Rabbi Yehudah Omer

Not Peeter. Peh-ter, like Petel, as in that gross Israeli syrupy drink that obviously was originally only raspberry flavor. He was a תלמיד of ר יעקב בר מאיר, AKA רבינו יעקב תם, and, if I had to guess, he was a בכור.

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